Do you have a knee or ankle injury? Contact Seary Physiotherapy & Sports Injury
Clinic in Cardiff. We can provide kinesiology tape to help treat your injuries.

General information

Payment needs to be made after each treatment session, unless your payments are covered by a third party.
You may pay by cash, card or cheque.


Physiotherapy treatment

Standard Per treatment


Virtual Assessment


Club contract Per treatment


Sports massage

30 minutes appointment


1 hour appointment



per session


Running/ cycling assessments

1 hour appointment


Assessment 60 minutes


Follow up appointment


Third party payments

Third party payments may vary between £30 to £50 depending on the assessment and report required. Contact us today for details.

Cancellation fees

We have a policy for late cancellations and missed appointments.

Late cancellation fee is £15, within 24 hours of the appointment .

For missed appointments, the full fee will be charged.

Seary Physio Clinic provides kinesiology taping for a variety of injuries.
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